Face masks

For all male and female U16 and below age groups, all on deck batters, batters and baserunners helmets must have an attached face mask.

Protective infield face masks will be required for pitchers in all male and female U14 age groups and below.


  • Helmet - each athlete must have their own helmet with an attached face mask.
  • Cleats - running shoes are not ideal but may be worn at the U12 age group. There is a greater risk of injury to those that do NOT wear cleats. Players have much better traction with cleats and there is less likelihood the athlete will slip around in the dirt and shale.
  • Bats are provided by the zone for U12, U14 & U16 age groups but many athletes buy their own. Please have an expert at any one of our athletic stores in the city or your coach help you purchase the right bat for your player! Bats are expensive and if you purchase the wrong weight or length of bat your coach may be asking the player to use something else. Also…. Using another player’s bat is NOT ENCOURAGED since families spend a lot of money on their equipment and it makes things very awkward for everyone if the bat is broken by a teammate.
  • Athletic cup - all boys MUST wear an athletic cup or they will not be permitted to play. It is also recommended for girls who are in the catcher’s position.
  • Batting gloves - not mandatory but they are recommended.
  • Catcher’s equipment - provided by the zone for the U12, U14 & U16 age groups.
  • Water - yes WATER!!!! It is expected that your athlete bring water to every game or practice as this is also an important part of your equipment.
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent are recommended.
  • Snack - yes, if needed, as long as it does not interfere with the game or practice. Please be sensitive to any food allergies on your team.
  • Medical equipment – it is the athlete’s responsibility to bring any and all medical equipment with them such as inhalers, an EpiPen, insulin, etc AND to be sure that the team is aware of any medical conditions or special needs of that player.

If you have ANY questions about uniforms or equipment please don’t hesitate to ask your coach or contact the Selects equipment manager.

Mandatory Uniform

Items can be purchased through the Al Anderson’s website at https://selects.itemorder.com.

  • Deadline 1: order March 16, 2020 pickup April 17, 2020
  • Deadline 2: order March 30, 2020 pickup May 1, 2020
  • Deadline 3: order April 13, 2020 pickup May 13, 2020
  • Deadline 4: order May 11, 2020 pickup June 10, 2020

U12, U14, U16 Boys

  • Navy belt
  • Navy undershirt
  • Navy socks
  • Selects hat
  • Grey pants
  • Uniform shirts are provided

U19 Boys & Girls

Recommended uniform colors will be posted here for each team. Uniforms are at the discretion of the coaches in terms of what color pants, undershirts and socks, however hats must be purchased from the website at https://selects.itemorder.com

U19 Boys Team (2019)

  • Selects hat
  • Navy belt
  • Navy undershirt
  • Navy socks
  • Both white and grey pants
  • Navy helmet with mask

U19 Girls AA Team (2020 - Ray)

  • Selects navy visor
  • Ball pants - both white and navy
  • Belt - red
  • Long sleeve tech undershirt - both red and navy
  • Socks - red
  • Navy helmet with mask (navy mask if possible when buying new)

 U19 Girls A Team (2020 - Saunders)

  • Selects visor only
  • Ball pants - both navy and white
  • Long sleeve tech undershirt - both red and navy
  • Belt - red only
  • Socks - both red and navy
  • Jacket - Biz Razor FZ Jacket
  • Navy helmet with mask


  • Hoodie
  • Wind pants

U19 Girls B Team (2019)

  • Selects hat
  • Ball pants - navy
  • Belt - red
  • Long sleeve tech undershirt - red
  • Socks - red
  • Navy helmet and mask

U19 Girls C Team (2019)

  • Selects hat or visor
  • Ball pants - navy
  • Long sleeve tech undershirt - red
  • Belt - red
  • Socks - red
  • Navy or red helmet with mask

Uniform shirts are provided for all teams at all ages.

Your team may also ask you to purchase a jacket, hoodie, team practice shirt or extra jersey…. but these are all individual to what your coach or team chooses to purchase as a group. Remember, when you are attending a Provincial or National Championship your whole team must have a matching uniform… so it is important that the athlete purchase the exact piece requested by the coach. The athlete will not be permitted to wear just “any old hat” or a different colored undershirt when it comes to these big events.